Who’s Who

Meet the author of Loved By A Collie A photo of the blog's author, Marquie, out in the snow

she’s the writer of this blog.

She loves collies, photography, blogging, the color blue, puppies, daisies and snow.

She loves collie paws and collie ear fuzz.

When it comes to dog leashes and toys, she’s a fanatic.

She’s twenty-two and enjoys spending her time with her collie, Petal.

Meet the dog, the star of the blog, Petal A photo of Petal the Rough Collie sitting in the snow

she’s a lover of cheese, of fuzzy stuffed animals and chews.

She enjoys spending her time running, jumping and chasing.

She has a goofy but oh so endearing overbite.

Her birthday is December 6. She’s four going on two years young.

She’s a model, a goofball, a snuggler, a talker, a loyal friend.

She’s a Rough Collie.


Meet Petal’s cousins.

The other pets that we live with.

There’s Penny…

A photo of a red dog named Penny

Penny is my sister’s dog. I like to call her Petal’s cousin though they are not biologically related.

Penny is a bully breed mix of some sort. The story of how she came to live with us is a long one. She bounced around a bit before she landed in our home and even then it was only suppose to be temporary, but my sister fell in love and here she shall stay. Penny is a year old and has a list of weird phobias (such as fizzy drinks and just about everything after the hour of 9 PM). She’s an odd duck but a cute one. She’s come a long way since she first moved in and is continuing to make progress in overcoming her fears and quitting her naughty puppy habits. She’s Petal’s wrestling partner and chase buddy.

We also live with 3 cats, Moonlight, Pancake and Harriet. We’ll share more about them soon!

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