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Loved By A Collie is open to reviewing dog products and other dog related items.

We require a non-returnable product(s) be sent to us for review. Our reviews are honest and of our own opinion of the product(s) based on our experience with it. Sending us your product does not guarantee you a review. We can back out of any review at any time for any reason or for no (given) reason.
We can not guarantee that your product(s) will work for us nor can we guarantee that our readers will buy your product(s) after reading our review. If, for whatever reason, your product does not work for us and we cannot in good conscious give it a respectful review, you will be contacted and given the chance to back out of the review if you wish.

If you are interested in having us review your pet related product(s), simply contact us at: lovedbyacollie at lifeseven dot com.

In your email please include your company name, a little about your company, the name of the product you’d like us to review, and a little about your product. Images of your product are great too. I will get back to you as promptly as I can to let you know if your product is something we can and would use.

Please keep in mind that Petal weighs about 44-48 pounds and will need products appropriate for her size.

Other facts about her that may help you decide if she’s the right dog for your product:

Petal is a 4 year old, spayed female, Rough Collie. Petal eats The Honest Kitchen and does tend to have a sensitive stomach, meaning some treats, foods and/or chews may not be appropriate for her. She is not destructive in the least. She has stuffed animals from her puppy years that are still in perfect condition, but she can get through a chew treat with surprising speed. So if you’re looking for a dog to prove the durability of a toy, Petal may not be the right dog for you due to her gentle nature with her toys, but if you’re looking for a dog to prove the longevity of your chew treat, she’d be a good choice.

Petal also has a doggy “cousin” named Penny who is a 25ish pound wrecking ball. Penny belongs to my younger sister. Most toys can’t survive even a few seconds with her. She loves to chew and destroy. So if you have a product made to withstand a destructive dog, Penny is the test dog for you and you’re welcome to email me about having Penny review a product for you.

We will not review rawhide or any other chew that I feel may be unsafe for Petal.

We will not review any treat, food, or chew manufactured in or sourced from China due to health concerns.

I am also very careful about what shampoos, conditioners, and sprays I use on her. Mostly due to my own allergies. We love all natural products. Though I have been known to have reactions to natural products as well, due to my unknown plant allergies. It is rare that I have a reaction to a dog grooming product, but it’s a possibility. Contact me and we will discuss your grooming product: lovedbyacollie at lifeseven dot com.

Contact us (Marquie (the human and writer of the blog) and Petal (the silly collie and main subject of the blog)) at lovedbyacollie at lifeseven dot com if you have a product you think we may enjoy or find useful.


{Sponsor a Giveaway}

Loved By A Collie is happy to host giveaways. If you have a dog/pet related product that you think our readers might enjoy, contact us at lovedbyacollie at lifeseven dot com and tell us about it. Please also include pictures of the product and your company name. If we feel it is relevant to our blog and something that our readers might enjoy, we’d be happy to host the giveaway.

The company sponsoring the giveaway will be responsible for sending the prize(s) to the winner and will be expected to help get the word out about the giveaway through their own social media networks.

We will use Rafflecopter to pick a winner. We will post about the giveaway on our Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Google + accounts.

{Current/Open Giveaways}

none at this time

{Previous/Closed Giveaways}

$25 gift card for (winner announced here)

3 bags of KONG Treats (winners announced here)


{Our Reviews}

The Barkers Dozen (dog bakery)

Rejuv-A-Wafers (pet supplement)

Mr. Chewy (online pet supply) (now known as

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