Book Review – Jack: K9 Warrior by Kevin Brett

When I was younger the only books I would read were books with animals in them. Preferably dogs. Preferably collies. Lassie Come Home was and still is one of my favorites. I just love stories about collies, so when I was given the opportunity to read and review Jack: K9 Warrior by Kevin Brett, I said yes, of course.

Jack: K9 Warrior book cover.

The first paragraph of the book description:

Most people believe dogs can only play a limited role in tactical situations; Dakota Dixon (DX to his friends) isn’t one of them. He also isn’t your typical Marine. A gifted, Native American dog whisperer with a vision, he’s on a quest to prove his connection with dogs will enable him to test the limits of K9 intelligence to train the ultimate K9 warrior. Seriously injured in the line of duty, he is discharged from the service and unable to attend an elite training school where he would have made that vision a reality. Now he must find a new path to prove his daring concepts and fulfill his spirit-destiny.
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I’ve already read and reviewed Kevin Brett’s Jack the Christmas Collie and fell in love with mischievous and sweet Jack, the Barnes’ lovable collie, so I was excited to read his latest book.
Jack: K9 Warrior is a revised 1st edition, not a sequel to Kevin’s first book about Jack. A lot of the first book is in this revised edition, much of it is used as backstory. Jack: K9 Warrior is a whole new story, one with intrigue, adventure, and suspense. There are new and fun characters and a whole new, exciting plot.

My favorite character is, obviously, Jack the collie with Dakota Dixon, a young Marine Corps Lieutenant, at a close second. Dakota Dixon, or DX to his friends, reminded me a lot of myself. I was surprised, honestly, what could I have in common with a Marine? His personality was a lot like mine. DX is known to joke around to deal with stressful situations, I do that often. We also share a common love for dogs. I found DX easy to relate to, very funny, entertaining and brave.

I thoroughly enjoyed reading about Dakota, Jack and the Barnes family. There was a lot of action and suspense. There were moments I wasn’t sure which characters to trust, it kept me guessing and I enjoyed that. I was also pleased to see the story end exactly as I wanted it to. It’s a rare treat when everything that I want to happen for the end of a book actually happens. I do, however, wish that part of the ending had been a little more detailed. I had braced myself to cry (happy tears) and to feel really emotional, but I didn’t end up crying after all because what I thought was going to be an emotional moment ended just when I thought it was starting. Still, it was a good ending.

It’s a great story with great and inspiring life lessons. It’s a story that I would read again, which is saying a lot. I don’t often reread books.

If you like action, suspense, great characters, a heroic Collie and happy endings, then I think you’ll enjoy this book. You can get it in paperback on Amazon for $13.46

Image of Petal "reading" Jack: K9 Warrior written by Kevin Brett.

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Discloser: I was sent a free copy of Kevin Brett’s Jack: K9 Warrior to read and review. I was not compensated for this review. All opinions expressed in this honest review are entirely my own.

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