The Barkers Dozen

What is The Barkers Dozen?
It’s a doggy bakery, of course!
They make delicious dog cookies that’ll have your dogs drooling and performing all of their very best tricks.
They’re the great company that helped to raise funds for Daffy.
They’re also the sweethearts that sent my dogs free treats to thank us for blogging about their fundraiser.
They sent us five bags of goodies in four different, tasty flavors.
They’re after my dogs’ hearts!

Blueberry Bone-Anza (that’s right, it’s gluten free!) and Organic Carrot.

Organic Peanut Butter and Organic Chicken.


So far I’ve been unable to decipher a definite favorite among the dogs. They’ll gobble any one of the four flavors up without dropping it (or a single crumb) on the floor.
When my dogs don’t hesitate to take it from me or drop it on the floor and sniff at it first, I know it must be really good. Not a single crumb goes unnoticed or wasted.


I also know it’s a good, healthy treat when I can actually read and pronounce all of the ingredients.
I like giving them treats without worrying about paying for it later.

(In the form of inconsistent poo.)

I don’t like feeding them treats with strange ingredients that I have no hope in pronouncing. Lassie turns up his long Collie snout to such treats anyway.
If the dog won’t even eat it, it can’t be good. He eats poop!*


These cookies, however, are Lassie (and Ella and Petal) approved! They come running whenever they hear me opening up a Barkers Dozen bag or when they hear the word “Cookie!”
The Barkers Dozen has been added to our list of favorites, that’s for sure.


Good to the last crumb!

*Lassie would like you all to know that he USE to eat poop, when he was a young and foolish pup.
But I would like you all to know that he’s somewhat lying; he’s a recovering cat poop-aholic.

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  1. They do sound yummy! Thank you Lassie for admitting you had a poop eating problem. Maybe there is hope for Gloria to stop too!

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