Ella’s Hostage

*sniff* *sniff*

“Ella, can I please come out now?”
“No. Not until I get some peace and quiet. Or a cookie. Whichever comes first.”

*sigh* “Mom! Ella won’t let me out!”

The cage door was open plenty wide enough for Petal to get out, but Ella wouldn’t allow it.
She did the same thing to Lassie just a day or so before she did it to Petal.
Every time they tried to sneak out while she was sleeping, she’d wake up just enough to give them the stink eye and they’d slowly back back into the cage.
I had to intervene on both occasions to free the poor Collie souls.
I guess Ella needed a break, so she waited until the unsuspecting Collies traipsed into the crate and then she trapped them for a little while before I decided the situation was venturing away from funny and into just plain sad.

P.S. Yes, that Kong toy use to have a head. A bunny head.
Actually, I think it’s still there, barely hanging on, and de-fluffed.

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