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With Summer upon us, we’ve been taking our walks in the early morning hours or late evening/night hours to avoid the heat. In the morning we wear sunscreen to protect us from getting sunburned (yes, the dogs, too! They wear sunscreen on their noses) and at night we take a flash light to protect us from going unseen. I had thought about getting a reflective collar for the dogs, but figured it wouldn’t be very noticeable on the hairy Collies.

So when I got the opportunity to review the Nite Dawg Collar, an LED collar from SafetyGearOnline, I jumped at the chance.
“Look at this! I glow!”

Petal took it for a test walk and was glowing with pride as she wore it.
Ha. Ha.
It was perfect, even with her abundance of fur it glowed very brightly, illuminating her fur and making her highly visible.

It was a little after 8 PM when we started our walk and about 10 PM when we finished. It was good and dark even with the cars and street lamps, but Petal was easy to spot with her glowing red neck!
These pictures were taken after 9 PM (note that it wasn’t actually as dark outside as it appears in these photos, the camera settings contributed to some of the darkness ;)).


The Nite Dawg Collar has two settings, glow and flash.
The collar can be turned on by pressing the button near the D ring. Press it once and it’ll glow, press it again to make it flash, and again to turn it off.
You can see the collar on both settings, glow and flash, in this video:

(If you’re sensitive to flashing lights, ridiculously cute mixed breeds, or the color red, you may not want to watch this video ;)).

The light source is removable for resizing and washing the collar.
To resize the collar you simply remove the light source, adjust the nylon collar to the appropriate size for your dog, size the light source by lining it up with the collar and then cutting off the excess light source. Replace the light source back in the collar and you’re done!

The Nite Dawg Collar is weather resistant and comes with a replaceable battery. They are available in three adjustable sizes, small, medium and large. SafetyGearOnline also offers an LED leash and other night safety collars.

All in all, it’s a fantastic product. I have no complaints and I’d highly recommend it to anyone who ventures out into the night with their dog. It’s a must have!

Disclosure: I was contacted by and was asked to review the Nite Dawg collar in exchange for one Nite Dawg collar. All opinions are entirely my own.

4 thoughts on “Review: Nite Dawg Collar

  1. Petal the ghost doggie:))) Hehehe..Ella just wants to play:))) These are pretty awesome colors! Your such a good mommy!!!

  2. An innovative product I thought. Well constructed, but with two flaws.

    The ‘on’ switch needs to be modified to only come on after a 2 second delayed power on push. A scratch of their neck – collar comes on, a rub against a coffee table, wall or tree – collar on, maybe horse play with another dog – on.

    Slide adjuster needs to be modified to prevent it from unintentional loosening. It would always loosen with just a few occasional pulls on the leash.

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