10 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: Collies

    • They do! The dogs have so much fun exploring them.
      It’s 84 right now, but the picture on the right was taken this morning and it was actually only in the 60’s, probably 70’s by the time we finished, that sun was shining very brightly though. The picture on the left was taken yesterday morning and it was a little hotter than this morning, but nothing too bad thanks to the nice breezes we usually have. :) The afternoons have been hot hot hot though, so we stay instead with the swamp cooler on, haha.

    • Interesting, between the lighting and the haze over the mountains, I really thought it was hotter than it apparently was. Lovely play with the sun-spots.

      Breezes, yeah, we miss those. Our yard is kind of closed in with the trees which keeps it cool longer but once it heats up, there’s no escape.

    • No worries! It was actually only in the 60’s-70’s, these pictures were taken in the morning hours. The sun was very bright, but we had some nice, cool breezes that made it good walking weather. They then spent the hot afternoon indoors with the swamp cooler on. 😉

    • It wasn’t too bad, only in the 60’s-70’s, just very bright with cool breezes! :) Part of it might’ve been my camera settings, too.
      They definitely are different despite being the same breed! Different looks, different personalities. They share a lot of similarities, too. It’s interesting to see. :)

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