Review: Mr. Chewy


We got a package in the mail Wednesday!
What exciting things were contained inside?
Some tasty treats from…

Mr. Chewy!
And he delivers exactly what he claims to deliver: pet happiness.
My pets were certainly very happy with this delivery.

Petal dug around inside until she found the perfect treat (a Merrick wishbone)

and took off with it saying, “I rather like this Mr. Chewy fellow.”

When you shop at the first thing you’ll notice is how many brands they have.
They offer over 70 different brands.
That’s a LOT!
They offer great brands like:
Blue Buffalo
Taste of the Wild
And my dogs’ favorite, Sojos!

And many many more!

Their website is very easy to navigate. You can shop by brand, food form (canned food, dehydrated food, etc), life stage and/or specialty (gluten free, grain free, etc).

They ship very promptly. We placed our order late on Wednesday night (the 18th) and it was shipped the next morning! I was expecting a nice long wait before it arrived, I was thinking about a week and a half to two weeks— that’s usually how long I have to wait when ordering from sites similar to Mr. Chewy, but it arrived just six days (or four business days) after it shipped.

While shopping around we discovered that Mr. Chewy doesn’t just offer lots of brands for foods, but for tasty treats too! We found our very favorite brands:

And there were so many others, too!

They had a nice large variety of Zuke’s treats, our very favorite treats! We had lots to choose from. It was almost hard to pick and choose with so many choices.
Though we do wish they had more to choose from— flavors and sizes— in the Zuke’s Z-Bones line; we love those dental bones! We’re lucky they happened to have them in our size: large.


They had a wonderful variety of the Merrick and Sojos treats as well!
We found their pricing to be that of other pet sites we’ve shopped from with some things being even cheaper at Mr. Chewy’s! And Mr. Chewy offers a flat rate shipping cost of $4.95 or free shipping on orders over $49.
 With no extra charges even if your purchase weighs 100 pounds.
Let me say that again.
No extra charges even if your package weighs 100 pounds.
The weight of your purchase never effects the shipping costs.
I LOVE that!

Some sites I go to for pet food offer free shipping if your purchase exceeds a certain $ amount or a flat rate shipping if it exceeds whatever $ amount. I think “Perfect!” then I go to check out and realize that that didn’t apply to my order because it weighs too much.
Very disappointing.
But that’s not the case with Mr. Chewy! There are no weight restrictions.
(Now if only they offered the Sojos Original mix in a 40lb bag 😉 )

Would you believe that I haven’t even reached the best part about yet?
Well, believe it, because I haven’t.
The best part about is their awesome “Refer Your Friends Donation Program
What’s that?
When you sign up for an account (which is free!) at you’ll receive your own unique referral code. You can share this referral code with all your friends and if your friends are a first time customer of Mr. Chewy and use your referral code, they’ll receive 10% off their order and Mr. Chewy will donate $10 to one of three charities.
Which charities do they have to choose from you ask?
You can choose from:
Best Friends Animal Society
or North Shore Animal League America
Can’t choose between them?
That’s alright, you can opt to have Mr. Chewy spilt the donations you earn from referring your friends between all three charities!
Like I said above: awesome!

Visit for more details on the Refer Your Friends Donation Program.
And here is my referral code for you, my awesome blogging friends: MARQ9222
Use it on your first time order and receive 10% off your order! I chose Best Friends as my charity for Mr. Chewy to donate to. So, with my code, your first time order will donate $10 to their amazing sanctuary!

Thanks Mr. Chewy!

Disclosure: I was contacted by and asked to do a honest review in exchange for $50 to spend on their site. All opinions are 100% my own.

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