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Today we have some super tasty treats to tell you all about. Our best buds at sent us (and by us I mean Petal) some yummy lamb treats made by Canidae. Back when Petal was a puppy she ate Canidae kibble with Lassie and Ella before we switched to Sojos and then homemade and now, temporarily, The Honest Kitchen. So we’re pretty familiar with the Canidae brand.

Canidae pet food logo

We received Canidae’s TidNips treats to review. TidNips are soft, chewy, meaty squares. They can easily be torn into smaller pieces (for training and/or small dogs) but don’t crumble.

Image of a 1 1/4 inch Canidae TidNip square.

Image from

They come in the following three flavors…

Canidae TidNips treats come in the following 3 flavors: Lamb-Licious, Meaty-Licious and Chicken-Licious

As I said above we received the Lamb-Licious treats to try. I wasn’t totally sure of what Petal’s reaction would be to these treats as she hasn’t had much lamb in the past. I was sure she would eat them, rarely does she stick her nose up to a treat, but I wasn’t sure how interested she would be in them.

She LOVED them. Loved them. I used them as her high value treats for “sticky situations” (seeing other dogs while out walking) every morning for the past week and a half before I ran out (and promptly bought more). Rarely could she resist these treats. 95% of the time she stops barking and tugging towards the other dog in favor of this treat. She has been walking much more politely around other dogs lately. Now this isn’t all due to the treat (though having a high value treat for high stress/distracting areas IS important) of course, I’ve been working with her on this issue for awhile now, but these treats have been a great help so far.

Close up of Canidae's TidNips treat on Petal's paw.

Drooling in anticipation.

These treats are stinky enough to get Petal’s attention, but not so stinky that I cringe. They have almost a jerky-like scent. They’re corn, wheat and soy free. They’re made in the USA. Canidae also has a line of crunchy treats some of which are grain-free for those of you that are feeding a completely grain-free diet.

So far I have found that has the best prices for these treats ($5.79 on Chewy vs. $7.99 at Petco) especially if you’re already purchasing your dog or cat food from Chewy and spending enough to earn free shipping.

All in all we were very happy with these treats and have no complaints about them. Highly recommended!


Discloser: I was sent 1 6 oz bag of Canidae TidNips from free of charge in exchange for this review. I was not compensated for this review. All opinions expressed are entirely my own based on my personal experience with the product. Any images used in this review are not my own unless watermarked by me.

My dogs are spoiled

The original title of this post: My sogs are spoiled.
I proceeded to make many more typos while fixing that one.
Anyway, enough about my clumsy fingers.
My dogs truly are spoiled.
It has been that way since day one.
Last month I went to Arizona for a week and a half and I left the dogs home with my Dad and siblings.
What was I thinking?
I honestly don’t know. I missed them terribly and every time we went to a store I looked around for things to buy for them.

At Petco I bought an adorable collar charm for Petal.
It was shaped like a cupcake. I had to. It was too cute. And on sale.


Then we went to Trader Joe’s and, what’s this? Over a pound of dog cookies for less than $4?
And they’re made with ingredients I approve of?
Yes please!


They still have this box of cookies and they looove them.

Bringing home a little gift for your pet when you’ve gone out of town is completely normal, you might say (and I mean pet-lover/pet-obsessed normal).
But who comes home and continues to spoil their dogs?
This person, right here!

I get home and the next day I set out to Urban Dawgz (our local pet store that was previously believed to be closed; long story short: their buyer backed out and thus they were open for another week or so), which was closing at the end of that day, so they were offering 40% off your entire purchase.
Now, come on, who would resist that?

The dogs could then add 2 rib bones, 2 Zuke’s dental bones, 1 new leash (Ruffwear Roamer leash in red, for those who might be curious, and yes, I love it), and 1 new Kong Classic to their list of new goodies. Not to mention several bags of free samples of dog kibble (they were just going to get tossed, said the store owner!) to use as training treats.

I can’t be the only one who spoils her dogs, right?
… Right?
C’mon, admit it, your dogs are spoiled!

Wordless Wednesday: If my dogs were horses.

But first, I must interrupt this Wordless Wednesday program to bring you…
In the form of promoting and letting you all know about a wonderful fundraiser that’s been brought to my attention.

The Barkers Dozen (an organic and eco-friendly dog treat company based in Chicopee, Massachusetts) has launched a fundraiser for a beautiful rescue dog in need, Daffy. Daffy is currently suffering from a mysterious, undiagnosed disease and The Barkers Dozen has put together a fundraiser to help Daffy get the care she needs.

Through the month of April, 50% of profits made from treat sales at The Barkers Dozen will go to Daffy and her owner Ingrid.
Plus, if you use the promo code “DAFFY” at checkout, you’ll get a special thank you gift!

You can read more about the fundraiser here: “Dollars for Daffy” Fundraiser Launched
You can read more about Daffy here: Barkers Buddy: Daffy
And you can purchase some treats from The Barkers Dozen here: The Barkers Dozen

Now is a great time to get some goodies for your dogs! ;]

Now back to being wordless.



Making treats in just 500 easy steps!

Just kidding.
There aren’t 500 steps.
But today I did make the dogs some treats.
Treats that they are anxiously waiting to freeze.
Here’s what I did, but first note that…
It’s not really a recipe, just me grabbing things the dogs love, mixing it up, and stuffing it into a few Kongs. lol!
But here it is anyway.
Step 1: Find yourself at least one hungry pup.
This girl always has something on her nose.
Petal will do. 
Though, please note, that she’s not a good food critic. She’ll eat just about anything you give to her and she always looks like this when something’s being made in the kitchen.
Step 2: Get the Kongs out.
Hopefully you don’t have more Kongs than you have dogs. I’m still not sure how I ended up with four Kongs when I only have three dogs.
Step 3: Gather together some Peanut Butter, Yogurt and Apple slices.
Oh, and don’t forget the Honey*.
*Honey not pictured because I forgot it.
Step 4: Add desired amount of yogurt to a bowl.

See how amazing it looks?
Too bad it doesn’t taste amazing. At all.
But the dogs enjoy it.

Step 5: Add desired amount of peanut butter.
This you can eat!


Step 6: Mix it all up!


Step 7: Add apple slices! Or whatever fruit your dog enjoys. Just so long as it isn’t grapes or raisins.


Step 8: Start spooning it into a Kong!


Step 9: As you’re filling the second Kong, remember about the honey that you forgot and quickly add that in! Mix it up and pretend like you never forgot about it.


Step 10: Place Kongs in freezer, because frozen treats take a little longer to devour and thus they keep your dog busy longer. ;]

And no, I have no idea who will get that fourth Kong…

Step 11: Look at this face and tell him he can’t have them yet because they need to freeze first.


Then let him lick the bowl clean because you feel guilty for denying the poor starving Collie some food.


Then when the girls get jealous, you’ll have to let them lick the spoons clean.

Leave the treats in the freezer long enough to get good and frozen. Then pull them out when the dogs are destroying the house or have worked themselves up into a barking frenzy because the wind blew a tumble weed down the street. Or maybe you just got back from a walk or playing outside and your dog needs to cool off. They’ll have a tasty, distracting, and cold treat and you’ll have a few minutes of peace. ;]