Yummy yummy lamb from Sojos!

Long, long time readers may remember that Lassie, Ella and Petal use to eat Sojos (I swear to you I titled this post Yummy yummy lamb from Sojos! without remembering the title of my Sojos post from years past. Pretty cool coincidence, right?) I fed them the original mix with grocery store meat, veggies and fruit mixed in. I used it for quite awhile until I felt confident enough to feed entirely homemade. I’m still a huge fan of Sojos. Petal loves their treats and they’re a company I feel comfortable and confident buying from. So when they approached me about their new line of Simply Meat treats, I was thrilled.

Their new line of treats include Simply Beef, Simply Turkey and Simply Lamb. And that’s exactly what they are, a simple one ingredient treat and that one ingredient is tasty meat. Freeze dried raw meat.

These treats are made in the USA. When asked where their meat comes from I was told their Turkey and Beef is domestically sourced, it is free range and hormone free. Their Lamb is sourced domestically and from New Zealand and Australia, it is also free range and hormone free. I was very impressed and very pleased to hear this!

Image of the Simply Lamb treats bag.

4 oz. bag of freeze dried raw lamb.

Image of the back of the treat bag.

Would it be weird if I said I was obsessed with the bag? It’s simple (fittingly so) and adorable. Would it be even weirder to say that even though the treats are all gone now (sad face) I still haven’t thrown the bag away?

I was fairly certain Petal was going to hate these treats. I mean, what dog would want simple, savory, meat? But I was wrong. These treats were a huge hit! 😉

Enough joking around, Petal loved loved loved these treats. They served as a perfect high value reward while out hiking.

Image of my hand holding a Sojos Simply Lamb treat as Petal scoots closer to my hand, really wanting the treat.

“Stop taking photos of that delicious meat and give it to me!”

Image of Petal taking the treat from my fingers.

“Finally! So yummy!”

The treats came in a few various sizes, the largest being about the size of the one pictured and the smallest being about a quarter, or even smaller, of the one pictured.

Image of my hand with a Sojos Simply Lamb freeze dried treat on my fingers. Petal sits patiently waiting.

Yum yum yum.

The treats had a greasy feel that lingered on my fingers until I washed them. It was gross, but I always carry hand sanitizer with me, so it’s no big deal and wouldn’t prevent me from buying these treats again. In fact, I’ll definitely buy these treats again. They’re a simple, healthy, and high quality treat that I feel comfortable feeding to Petal. I feel great feeding them to her, actually, I get to spoil her guilt-free! I highly recommend these treats and I hope to see other meats offered soon.

Thank you Sojos!

note: I was sent 1 (one) 4 oz bag of Sojos Simply Lamb treats in exchange for my honest review. I was not compensated in any other way. All opinions expressed here are entirely my own.

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