How To Be Cool in School

Do you wanna know how to be the coolest dog in school?
Well Petal is here to teach you!

Step 1: Wear Cool Shades.

Image of Petal peeking over the rim of her cool orange sunglasses.
Step 2: Wear A Wrist Band Representing Something or Someone Awesome.

Close up image of Petal's wristband.

Step 3: Wear A Cool Jean Jacket.
Image of Petal rocking orange sunglasses and a jean jacket.
Step 4: Lean Nonchalantly In Any Corner Where You Will Be Seen.

Step 5: Bring Pecks from The Honest Kitchen.
Image of Petal wearing orange sunglasses with my jean jacket tied around her shoulders and a box of The Honest Kitchen Peck treats in front of her and one "Peck" (treat) on her paw.

If you remember Step 5 you can probably get away with skipping Steps 1-4. The Honest Kitchen Pecks should be enough to make you very cool and very popular. They’re bite sized cookies made with buffalo and blueberries, you see. They are incredibly tasty and have a nice satisfying crunch to them. All the dogs will love you when you share these tasty morsels with them!

Image of a Peck treat beside a US quarter for size comparison. The treat is slightly smaller than a US quarter but size may vary.

(image from The Honest Kitchen’s website).

They’re also great for training with their small size and even smaller calorie content (only 0.6 calories per Peck!). You can buy a small 8 oz box of Pecks or a large 16 oz box.
So what are you waiting for? Head on over to and stock up on these delicious treats and soon you will be the coolest pup in school. 😉

note: we were sent one 8 oz box of THK’s Peck treats from, free of charge, in exchange for this review. All opinions expressed are entirely my own.

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