My dogs are spoiled

The original title of this post: My sogs are spoiled.
I proceeded to make many more typos while fixing that one.
Anyway, enough about my clumsy fingers.
My dogs truly are spoiled.
It has been that way since day one.
Last month I went to Arizona for a week and a half and I left the dogs home with my Dad and siblings.
What was I thinking?
I honestly don’t know. I missed them terribly and every time we went to a store I looked around for things to buy for them.

At Petco I bought an adorable collar charm for Petal.
It was shaped like a cupcake. I had to. It was too cute. And on sale.


Then we went to Trader Joe’s and, what’s this? Over a pound of dog cookies for less than $4?
And they’re made with ingredients I approve of?
Yes please!


They still have this box of cookies and they looove them.

Bringing home a little gift for your pet when you’ve gone out of town is completely normal, you might say (and I mean pet-lover/pet-obsessed normal).
But who comes home and continues to spoil their dogs?
This person, right here!

I get home and the next day I set out to Urban Dawgz (our local pet store that was previously believed to be closed; long story short: their buyer backed out and thus they were open for another week or so), which was closing at the end of that day, so they were offering 40% off your entire purchase.
Now, come on, who would resist that?

The dogs could then add 2 rib bones, 2 Zuke’s dental bones, 1 new leash (Ruffwear Roamer leash in red, for those who might be curious, and yes, I love it), and 1 new Kong Classic to their list of new goodies. Not to mention several bags of free samples of dog kibble (they were just going to get tossed, said the store owner!) to use as training treats.

I can’t be the only one who spoils her dogs, right?
… Right?
C’mon, admit it, your dogs are spoiled!

4 thoughts on “My dogs are spoiled

  1. Spoiled!!! nah, don’t think so….LOL. My are spoiled beyond belief and that’s just how I like it! Have a great weekend.

  2. The Mr. cooked boneless chicken breast to give them in training classes. It was actually cheaper per pound than the treats they wouldn’t eat, but every week he would say “I can’t believe I’m cooking for dogs.” :)

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