Making treats in just 500 easy steps!

Just kidding.
There aren’t 500 steps.
But today I did make the dogs some treats.
Treats that they are anxiously waiting to freeze.
Here’s what I did, but first note that…
It’s not really a recipe, just me grabbing things the dogs love, mixing it up, and stuffing it into a few Kongs. lol!
But here it is anyway.
Step 1: Find yourself at least one hungry pup.
This girl always has something on her nose.
Petal will do. 
Though, please note, that she’s not a good food critic. She’ll eat just about anything you give to her and she always looks like this when something’s being made in the kitchen.
Step 2: Get the Kongs out.
Hopefully you don’t have more Kongs than you have dogs. I’m still not sure how I ended up with four Kongs when I only have three dogs.
Step 3: Gather together some Peanut Butter, Yogurt and Apple slices.
Oh, and don’t forget the Honey*.
*Honey not pictured because I forgot it.
Step 4: Add desired amount of yogurt to a bowl.

See how amazing it looks?
Too bad it doesn’t taste amazing. At all.
But the dogs enjoy it.

Step 5: Add desired amount of peanut butter.
This you can eat!


Step 6: Mix it all up!


Step 7: Add apple slices! Or whatever fruit your dog enjoys. Just so long as it isn’t grapes or raisins.


Step 8: Start spooning it into a Kong!


Step 9: As you’re filling the second Kong, remember about the honey that you forgot and quickly add that in! Mix it up and pretend like you never forgot about it.


Step 10: Place Kongs in freezer, because frozen treats take a little longer to devour and thus they keep your dog busy longer. ;]

And no, I have no idea who will get that fourth Kong…

Step 11: Look at this face and tell him he can’t have them yet because they need to freeze first.


Then let him lick the bowl clean because you feel guilty for denying the poor starving Collie some food.


Then when the girls get jealous, you’ll have to let them lick the spoons clean.

Leave the treats in the freezer long enough to get good and frozen. Then pull them out when the dogs are destroying the house or have worked themselves up into a barking frenzy because the wind blew a tumble weed down the street. Or maybe you just got back from a walk or playing outside and your dog needs to cool off. They’ll have a tasty, distracting, and cold treat and you’ll have a few minutes of peace. ;]

12 thoughts on “Making treats in just 500 easy steps!

  1. Such a great idea for a Kong treat- I love the idea of freezing it, I’ll have to try this for my dog Betty. Happy tasty tuesday! I also just became a new follower :)

    • Welcome to the blog! Thanks for following; we’ve followed you back. ;]
      Definitely try freezing it! It makes for a great treat in the summer time.

  2. This looks fabulous! (Says the dog – kind of eeewww-y says the human.) Thanks for sharing it with us – it’s a “recipe” even I can make. 😉

    PS – Petal looks so silly with that thing stuck to her nose.

    • This human agrees, it looks quite gross. Doesn’t smell too bad though! ;]
      Petal has always got something on her nose because she’s got her nose in something, haha.

  3. Thanks for sharing. Think my dogs would like this :-) though I am guessing it makes things a bit sticky?! Is the mixture thick enough not to fall out of the small end, before it’s frozen?

    Think this may be the first Kong recipe I have laughed at LOL.

    ps we have more Kongs than dogs too …


    • If you use plenty of peanut butter, then yes, it’ll be thick enough not to fall through the smaller end. 😀
      I’m glad you got a laugh out of it 😉 and I’m also glad I’m not the only one who has more Kongs than dogs, hahaha!

  4. Mom’s going to make this fur me this weekend. Somehow we have an extra Kong too, so that’ll be a back up! Thanks fur the recipe!

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