Wordless Wednesday: If my dogs were horses.

But first, I must interrupt this Wordless Wednesday program to bring you…
In the form of promoting and letting you all know about a wonderful fundraiser that’s been brought to my attention.

The Barkers Dozen (an organic and eco-friendly dog treat company based in Chicopee, Massachusetts) has launched a fundraiser for a beautiful rescue dog in need, Daffy. Daffy is currently suffering from a mysterious, undiagnosed disease and The Barkers Dozen has put together a fundraiser to help Daffy get the care she needs.

Through the month of April, 50% of profits made from treat sales at The Barkers Dozen will go to Daffy and her owner Ingrid.
Plus, if you use the promo code “DAFFY” at checkout, you’ll get a special thank you gift!

You can read more about the fundraiser here: “Dollars for Daffy” Fundraiser Launched
You can read more about Daffy here: Barkers Buddy: Daffy
And you can purchase some treats from The Barkers Dozen here: The Barkers Dozen

Now is a great time to get some goodies for your dogs! ;]

Now back to being wordless.



4 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: If my dogs were horses.

  1. this is so dang cute:) what in the world could be so interesting??? i wish i could help daffy, but i don’t have a fur baby to buy for:( my prayers are with them.

  2. Thank you everyone! :] <3
    Just to let you all know, I’ve added a Chipin widget for those of you that would like to help but don’t want to/can’t make a purchase from the Barkers Dozen. Thank you to anyone who is able to help!

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