New neighbors

Yesterday the dogs noticed something peculiar going on next door and they made sure everyone in our house, and anyone near by, knew about it. We all went to the window to see what all the fuss was about.
Our neighbors across the street were moving their four gorgeous horses across the street and into our next door neighbors’ yard; the yard that backs up against the side of our yard. 
We think the horses are going to be living in that yard temporarily while (it looks like) their owners re-fence their own yard.
So, for now, the dogs have some horses on the other side of the fence to bark at and sniff! 
Thank goodness these horses normally live with two border collie mixes and they seem to be fairly use to the barking. They don’t seem to mind it too much. They also don’t mind nosey little Petal Collies sticking their slender little heads through the fence to get a good sniff of them.
Ella didn’t join us for this meeting. She gets a little crazy around horses. Okay, a LOT crazy. I think she might be afraid of them. And with Ella going crazy and being nervous and stressed + Petal being crazy excited and crazy curious + Lassie trying to herd them, it would have made for many hysterical dogs.
It was also windy and freezing cold yesterday (you’ll see the lovely storm clouds that brought us some snow and power-outage in the photos) and Ella was not happy with the weather. I didn’t think it would be very nice of me to combine her least favorite things. So she stayed inside the warm, horse-free, house.
Anyway, on to the pictures!

“What’s this? When did those horses get there?!”
“Time to investigate!”

“Here horsey, horsey, horsey!”

“Let me get a good sniff of your face!”

“Some people think WE’RE big! Look at these guys!”

“How do you suppose we herd them with this fencing in the way?”

“Hello Horsey! Wanna play with me?!”

“Hey, what’cha eatin’ there?”

“Can I have some?”

Now just the horses.


The light brown one (center in the first picture of just the horses) is my favorite. Gorgeous markings and he/she let me pet him/her. :]

Now I just have to find some sheep for my Collies to meet up close like this!

4 thoughts on “New neighbors

  1. Those horses are gorgeous! What fabulous neighbors to have for awhile! It looks like they had no problem with petal and Lassie.

    • So far they’ve been really polite neighbors. ;] They seem to really enjoy Lassie and Petal, they come right up to the fence to say hello and one of them even tries to play with them. It’s too cute.

  2. Beautiful horses! I love horses, even though I’m as big as their hooves
    Dachshund Nola

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