Petal’s Solitary Confinement.

Wednesday, April 20th, Petal took a trip to the Vet not knowing what to expect. The lady there was very nice and spoke to her and even listened to Petal’s long, rambling stories. Then the kind lady whisked Petal away into a secret room where they did a terrible thing.
They spayed her.
If Petal had known they were going to drug her and perform surgery on her innocent little self, she never would’ve gotten in the van at 6:30 in the morning!
At 1:30 in the afternoon Petal was rescued from the Vet by her human (traitor) Mother and her human Grandmother and together they helped a very drugged up doggy walk to the car. Petal had to have a human on either side of her to keep her from swaying to the left. She also had to be lifted into the car and, rather humiliatingly, had to have her suspiciously yellow back legs and rear end cleaned up with a baby wipe. Then we started the journey home. Luckily for Petal, part of that journey included stopping to buy her some tasty treats from Bone Appetit.

Petal wasn’t feeling very lucky when we arrived home, however. It was windy and she was drugged and tired and yet these humans wanted her to get up so they could carry her out of the car?
How dare they.
But with some effort Petal complied and, staggering as if her legs were made of jelly, she walked along the side of the car before she was carried into the house and laid on her bed.


Her bed that was surrounded by a gate!


“You’re lucky I’m in a drug induced stupor or else I’d be out of here!”

But the worst part of it all?
No jumping, getting dirty or getting wet for two whole weeks!
Once Petal is sober enough to realize this, she is not going to be a happy girl.

Poor Baby. ♥