Day Three of Petal’s Solitary Confinement: Feeling a little better.

Day Three.

Today Petal was feeling like her old self only to realize that her old self is rather exhausting.
 She had these little spurts throughout the day of excitement and enthusiasm and just being her happy little self. Minutes later she was passed out in her bed for a good long nap. I joined her for one of those naps early this afternoon. I curled up with my blanket in Petal’s pen and we napped. Seriously.

“Can I play now, Mommy?”

She finally drank a little water today and is still eating very well. However, her once irresistible rawhide bones are now too much work for her. She’s sticking with her Twistix for now, they’re much easier to chew.


Harriet, one of Petal’s bestest buddies, tried to get Petal to play with her today. She was reaching through the pen and swatting at her nose. Petal just stared at her like “Some tried to cut me in half the other day, leave me alone!”

This evening my Mom and I took her for a short little walk around the front yard, hoping she would go poop as she hasn’t gone since she’s been home. She still hasn’t gone and if she doesn’t go soon I’m going to call the Vet and tell on her.
That short little walk had her excited and ready to run around and play (she couldn’t though, of course), but as soon as we came back inside she passed out in her bed and my wild child has been sleeping since.


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