Dogs do understand english. So it’s not crazy to talk to them.

I’ve had a number of people tell me that dogs don’t understand what you’re saying when you babble to them. I’ve chosen not to believe this, mostly because it isn’t true, but also because I can’t go two seconds without talking to one of my dogs.
There have been many times when my dogs have responded to what I’ve said.
For example, when out for a walk, a very muddy walk, I jokingly told Lassie that he had better not push me in the mud. So of course he jumped up on his hind legs and gave my back a good shove with his front paws. Rotten dog. Though I will admit that he gets his sense of humor from me. ;] Thankfully I only stumbled forward, I didn’t actually fall.

Another example would be when I misplaced a dog leash and could not find it anywhere! I asked Ella (jokingly, because she hadn’t been trained to find things or to recognize the word leash) “Where did I put that leash?” and she led me up the stairs and straight to the leash. Awesome!

This last example is by far the best though.
Are you ready for it?
Okay. Here we go.

Just the other night, Petal was laying on the couch with a pillow in front of her. Harriet, Petal’s best cat friend, curled up on that pillow and started innocently licking her paw. I started joking around and told Petal to poke Harriet in the back of the head. Petal ignored me, as I expected. I told her “Petal, kick the pillow and Harriet onto the floor!” Petal sniffed her back paw and I joked and said “Yes, with that foot!” Petal pulled that paw back and then gave it a good kick forward and launched the pillow and the cat off the couch.
Greatest moment ever.
Wish I had the camera going.