Petal’s first trip to the dog park

My family and I took Lassie and Petal to the dog park Monday evening. The closest dog park is about 55 miles away and this was Petal’s first time ever at a dog park. She did very well!
Jetta (dog running), Petal and Zoe (black dane pup).
My favorite thing about the dog park is watching the dogs interact, of course, and watching the owners, too. I find it completely hilarious how everyone’s dogs went so well with their personalities/appearance. For example, there was this older guy there who was all proper and polite with his very proper Poodle. Then there was this tall, very beautiful girl with her lean, tall and gorgeous Weimaraner, both of which seemed to have a love for life. There was a German Shepherd with her athletic and outdoorsy owner. There was a couple with two dogs, one of them was some sort of Setter/hunting dog (I forget the exact breed) and she went perfectly with the man, while the laid back Great Dane puppy went very well with his wife.
Lassie & Zoe.
While watching everyone, I noticed that my poor Petal seems to be socially awkward, like I am (though I feel that I have gotten better). Rather than playing with the dogs, she spent half of her time running along beside them, watching them play together. Sometimes she would start to chase them, but as soon as they turned around to chase her, her tail went between her legs and she would look at them like “I SURRENDER! I SURRENDER!”
She spent the other half of her time trying to get the little dogs in the small dog area of the park to come over to the fence and play with her. Apparently they’re more fun or maybe they’re just less intimidating (though I hardly think so).
Petal: “I was meant to be a little dog.”
Despite her socially awkwardness, she still seemed to have a great time and she was definitely a very happy girl (and very exhausted once we got back in the car to go home).
With time I think Petal will get use to the dog park and pretty soon she’ll be everyone’s best friend. Or a pest to everyone, depends on how you look at it. ;]
Petal & Zoe.
The poodle owner described Petal as “exuberant” I think it’s the perfect word for her.
I just don’t understand why he seemed so surprised. Does his dog not jump and bounce around for joy at being leash-free and in a completely new environment?