Ella’s New Bed

Remember when I said Ella was going to get a new collar for her birthday?
Well I changed my mind and decided what she really needed was a new bed.
I was all set to get her this warm cave-like bed when I looked around and realized we have a couple of old, worn and tattered dog beds. I thought I would save myself the money of buying a whole new bed and instead buy a Molly Mutt duvet cover (off Amazon) to stuff our old dog beds/filling/sheets/clothes into.

This cover was half the price of the bed I was planning on getting for Ella and it’s much cuter!
And Ella loves it as well. She was curling up on it faster than I could finish filling it!


(crazy I’ve-Got-My-Eye-On-You look)

Sorry your birthday present was so late, Ella! ♥