Talking with a dog

Friday morning, during our (mine, Lassie and Petal’s) walk, I was talking with Petal. Which some might think is crazy, but talking with Petal in a squeaky voice is something she loves so it makes for a great reward when she’s walking politely.
So I was talking to her, about anything. Like the school bus that drove by on the street ahead. “Oh look! It’s a school bus! It’s taking the kids to school! Oh, it’s turning. It’s turning left! Maybe one day you’ll get to ride on a school bus, Petal, that would be funny. Maybe you can ride on a doggie school bus and it’ll take you to boarding school! Do you wanna go to boarding school, Petal?”
Petal looked at me and barked once. 
“No? You don’t want to go to boarding school? Why not? Oh, because you don’t want to be a Border Collie? You want to stay a regular Collie? Okay.”
Get it?
Boarding school, Border Collie.

Ha ha ha.
It’s probably a good thing that I live in the middle of no where and no one heard that conversation with my dog. ;]

Petal looks a bit like a gangling, gawky teenager next to Lassie, doesn’t she?
*squishes her*

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