Lassie loves…


1: Lassie loves to poke people with his nose.

2: Lassie loves to jump!
3: Lassie loves to bark at and “attack” the vacuum cleaner and defend his home and his pack from it’s evil sucking powers.
4: Lassie loves the red and teal Planet Dog ball.
5: Lassie loves foooood and going through drive through windows.
6: Lassie loves trees. Specifically marking them.
7: Lassie loves to talk (what Collie doesn’t?).
8: Lassie loves snow! Eating it, rolling in it, burying his nose in it, laying in it, running through it.
9: Lassie has a new found love for antlers.
10: Lassie loves blonde girls (seriously, he does).
11: Lassie loves his girls, Ella, Petal and me. ♥

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5 thoughts on “Lassie loves…

  1. I love your dog… We had one when I was a child – and boy living on the farm she was a great working dog who also made a great winter blanket… Love your blog and I found you on Pet Blog Hop

  2. Violet says to let Lassie know that she is his comrade in the war on vacuums. She vows to never give up on defeating those vile machines. She knows they’re up to something.

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