On Thursday Petal’s little friend, Pepper (a Cocker Spaniel/Poodle mix), came over and is staying with us until Sunday. Petal and Pepper have been playing nonstop and wearing each other out, it’s so nice! Haha.

These girls get along so well together and are about a year apart in age. They love to wrestle each other the most and sometimes they like to chase each other, too. But Pepper has a habit of biting at Petal’s ankles, which Petal doesn’t really like, so she ends up running with her butt tucked underneath herself and then she quickly sits down. It’s too funny.

They’ve been having a blast playing in the snow and wrestling in the kitchen. They’re so cute!


“Look Pepper! I’m an Ostrich!

Have a lovely weekend everyone!


5 thoughts on “Sleepover!

  1. I love that Pepper is not referred to as a Cockapoo. :) The “names” of “designer” breeds is a pet peeve of mine – and you have so much snow! It looks like a fun time.

  2. That one pic up there with Pepper laying in the snow and Petal standing next to her …. funny because it looks like a dirty spot in snow, not like a dog is laying there! lol

  3. Carly, that picture had me laughing, too! She’s such a dork. ;]

    Brianne, hahaha, I hate referring to them as a Cockapoo, it sounds so gross! lol!

    Dad, it does! She blends right in. Good thing she has some black markings, I’d lose her if she didn’t!

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