Petal’s Second Birthday

Today sweet little Petal turned  2!
I can’t believe how quickly she grew.
But at the same time..

Has it really only been two years since I brought this sweet little puppy home?


It seems like she’s always been here.


We celebrated with a romp in the snow, presents and some yummy dog cookies!
And, of course, plenty of pictures.
But don’t worry. I limited myself.
Sort of. ;]

Present! A Kong Frisbee (Petal is my first dog who has shown some real interest in a frisbee and we had been playing with our collapsable water bowl for awhile) and some (not pictured) dog treats! Okay, so it’s really a small bag of Orijen kibble because it was cheaper then the actual training treats, haha.

Cooookieeees! And two eager doggies. ;]

Petal gets the BIG cookies, of course.

Nom nom nom.


Family photo!

A quick video of Petal opening, or at least partially opening, her present.


Happy birthday sweet Petal!

Now that you’re 2, I expect better behavior. ;]

Just kidding, you’re a good girl.

5 thoughts on “Petal’s Second Birthday

  1. she’s such a good present opener! also, i feel for you petal; having a birthday near christmas entitles you to birthday presents being wrapped in christmas paper too 😛 <3

  2. Happy 2nd Birthday to Petal! Your pups are so beautiful!!! I take it that these are really special dog cookie treats.

  3. Hahahha! It was either Christmas paper or the same paper I used for her birthday last year. 😛 <33

    Thank you, Ellen! And yes, they are. They were a big hit and the dogs were offering up their best tricks to try and earn one.

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