Fun with the Kong Flyer

As you may know, for Petal’s second birthday I got her the KONG Flyer.
And she is in love with it.
Which makes me so happy. I was worried she would rather play with the collapsable bowl, haha.
But she loves this frisbee so much more than that bowl!
She loves to carry it around in her mouth. She’ll even carry it out into the yard for me.
She runs like a crazy little Collie and even tries to jump up and snatch it out of the air.
She hasn’t succeeded yet, but it’s still cool to watch.
I’ve been using treats and the clicker to teach her to bring it back to me so I won’t have to chase her down for it, haha. So far so good! We’ve only worked on it twice with the clicker and she’s catching on really quickly.
Gotta love clicker training.
And a bright Collie. ;]
Anyway, on to the pictures!

Chasing it down.

Bringing it back like a good little Collie.

Posing with it.



Throw it again! Throw it again!


I know, I know. There are hardly any action shots.
Turns out holding a clicker, treats, camera and throwing a frisbee all at the same time is rather difficult!
So I got distracted with having her pose with it instead and by the time I decided to try and get a few more action shots in, the camera battery died, haha. Oh well. Next time. ;]

Also, just thought I would share this because I find it pretty funny: I fell down the stairs today.
Well, okay, that’s a little dramatic. I slipped off the last step and landed on my butt in the snow and hit my back against the steps. Yeah, it hurt, but mostly it was just really funny because Petal turned around and looked at me like “Why are you on the ground?” Then she play bowed and started hopping around in the snow. “Is this a game?! It’s a game, isn’t it?! I wanna play! Let’s play!” Silly dog. And while she was doing this Lassie was sniffing me and making sure I was okay, then he stood nice and still so I could use him to pick myself back up.

And now my back is sore.
But Petal’s reaction still makes me laugh.

4 thoughts on “Fun with the Kong Flyer

  1. Ouch, sounds like that hurt. Glad you’re okay! Petal’s overbite is adorable, it gives her so much character. Great pictures.

  2. Brrrr….your photos look like it is really cold. Be careful on those steps. It’s nice that one poochie was wanting to make sure you were okay. The youngsters think everything is a game.

  3. Love your dogs and your blog. I nominated you for the Liebster Blog Award. Check out my blog for details. There are a few requirements, but simple to do.

  4. I think the same, Brianne! It just adds to her whacky character.

    They certainly do think everything is a game, Ellen! Haha.

    Thank you again, Bassetmomma, for nominating us! <3

    And thank you all for your comments! :]

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