Short road trip!

Yesterday we all piled into the car with the dogs and went about two hours out of town to visit with some family and exchange Christmas gifts. 
Fun, fun day. 
We went out for lunch and ate out on the patio with the dogs and then we took them to a park. 
They all behaved so well. Petal was her usual, talkative self, but other than the barking, she was a pretty good girl. Ella was outstanding on the other hand. Ella usually has a hard time with such activities and being around a lot of strange people, but she did very well! And Lassie just absolutely loves being around lots of people and going out to eat, so of course he was on his best behavior, as he usually is.
And now, today, all three of them are doggone tired (they even let me sleep in) and they’ve only gotten up to drink, eat and bark at the garbage truck. 
Gotta love sleepy dogs. ;]
“Are we there yet?”

“No? Okay, I’ll just go back to sleep then.”

All cozy in the car.

I think going out to eat was their favorite part (they got lots of snackies), but the park was also fun.
Petal barked at dogs, birds, strollers, a balloon, frisbees, etc. etc.
Lassie peed on trees and showed off his loveliness.
And Ella… well Ella spent her time trying to get her Gentle Leader off.

“Get off! Get off!”

She was also rubbing her face all over our legs, nearly tripping most of us.
She learned when she was a puppy that when you rub your face in the snow, the Gentle Leader will get wet and stretch and then you can slip free!
Not completely free, of course, because it does clip to her collar (thankfully), but free from the weird thing on her face!
She doesn’t seem to realize that it was the snow that got it off.
She seems to think it was just the ground in general.
So she ended up walking around the park looking like this:

Crazy mutt!

And while Ella seemed to enjoy the warmer weather in Nevada, I think Petal may have been wondering where all the snow went.

“It’s gotta be around here somewhere!”

While Ella was busy trying to free herself and Petal was busy looking for snow and barking at dogs, birds, and a remote control car; Lassie was busy being… well, Lassie.

A camera ham and attention seeker.

Our little day trip was so fun and it was really great to see my Grandma, Aunt and cousin.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays everyone!

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  1. Just stopping by from the bloghop-you’ve got beautiful pooches (glad they got to go for a fun roadtrip!)
    Stop by Bocci’s Beefs when you have a chance… and Merry Christmas!

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