Ella’s Puppy

Thursday, while running errands with my Mom and little sister, we ended up at a thrift store, looking through toys. I found two really cute stuffed animals, a dog and a piggy, one for a dollar and the other one for fifty cents. Now when I found the cute, burgundy dog, I immediately thought of Ella because we use to have this sweet little blue dog stuffy and Ella carried it everywhere with her when she was a puppy.
So of course I had to buy the cute little thing.
And what was the first thing Ella did when I walked in the door?
She stuck her head in the bags (too see what I got, as always) and pulled out the burgundy dog.
And she’s been clinging to him ever since.

See that blur of her tail? Wagging a mile a minute.

I knew it would be a big hit, I just didn’t realize HOW big of a hit he would be.

“C’mon, Ella! Give me a turn!”
“No! He’s mine!”

Nap time.

If only they had two!

Happy New Year, everyone!


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