The dog of many purposes

Over the weeks, Ella’s sweet little puppy has proven capable of serving many purposes.

From loyal snuggle buddy


to rugged tug toy


to Lassie’s pillow.


Best dollar ever spent.

P.S. be careful out there.
It’s Friday the 13th.

4 thoughts on “The dog of many purposes

  1. I guess that was the best dollar you ever spent! Boy have you gotten your money’s worth. I’m going to check out our thrift store! Love the picture of Lassie!

  2. Dollar Store trees are sacred in our house. They’re never neglected, shredded, or broken. They save that for the $20 toys.

  3. First of all, thank you for your comments. <3
    Bassetmomma, you should definitely check out your thrift store! You could score some really great toys!
    Brianne, hahah, ah man. The expensive ones are always the first to go! I’m lucky that my dogs are not usually very destructive, but they (okay, so really only Ella and Petal) have their moments. I’ve had to save a few toys from being destroyed, but this stuffed doggy? Nah. It was only a dollar; I don’t care if they rip him in half. But so far he’s only missing an eye and he gets carried, dragged, tugged, chewed and tossed every day.

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