I’m pretty sure Ella was trying to bury me…

As we know, Ella loves to dig.
She’s a digging machine.
Flinging dirt everywhere, including all over some very offended Collies.
Getting her nails, feet and face all dirty.
Then kicking back and relaxing in her newly dug hole.
Or bolting off in some random direction like she unearthed and then inhaled catnip.
It’s crazy and silly to watch.

The other day, however, had me giggling less and watching my back more.
I was a little suspicious when she came and began to dig a hole right underneath me…


Of all the places to dig, why under me?


It was more difficult to dig here, what with me sitting there and an old tarp buried there.
So why in the world would she choose to dig there?


There’s really only one reason for it.
She was trying to bury me.

*innocence* “Who, me? I would never bury you, silly human! I was simply… digging a moat around you. Yes, let’s go with that. A moat to keep you safe. No graves here!”

Likely story, Ella.
Likely story.

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