Five Random Facts: Ella

I told you Ella would be next.
Then I forgot.
Then last night I remembered.
So here we go!


1: Ella likes to go around slapping people and Collies. It hurts like crazy, but she hasn’t been as bad since she began sleeping in the crate; she most enjoys hitting you when you’re asleep and the most vulnerable.
2: I suspect she is part Vizsla for numerous reasons.
3: She will always give kisses.
4: If she even smells peanut butter she starts licking the air and her lips.
5: She likes to stick her head between your knees; if you’re standing in a doorway and she does it from behind you, it’s to peek inside the other room. If you’re just standing in the middle of the room and she’s standing in front of you, it’s to beg for a neck scratch.

Next will be Lassie and I will not forgot this time! ;]

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Happy Saturday! 😀

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