Ella loves dirt and Petal hates not being the center of attention

What were the dogs up to this morning?
They were working hard in the yard!
Well, Ella was at least.
Lassie laid around, working on his tan, and Petal was being more bossy than helpful.
“There is something down there and I WILL get it! I will not stand for vermin in my yard!”

Dig, dig, dig, dig!
“Petal, do you think you could come over here and lend me a paw?”

“Sure! Here you go!”
“…. Very funny.”

Petal may be excellent at raking and washing dishes, but she’s no help at all when it comes to digging.
This is her idea of digging:
She paws very lightly at the dirt.
Can’t risk getting dirt in her nails!

She should be more worried about her head when standing behind Ella while she digs. Photobucket
“Whoa! Ella! Watch the coat!”

The only reason she even tried to help was to get in the camera lens.

What’s that big blur, you ask?
Why that’s Petal’s mouth and nose!
What is she doing?!
Oh, you know, just biting the camera. That’ll show me to take more pictures of Ella than I did her!

Don’t you worry, Petal, I took pictures of you, too! How could I deny you after you tried to eat my camera? You were being so helpful— of course I took pictures!

I mean look at this! Here you are, working tirelessly, to pull that little tiny bit of grass out of the ground!
Oh… You were just hungry?
Well, okay. But let’s not forget that time you so helpfully pointed out the obvious!

“Ella, you have dirt on your head. And face.”
“Gee, Petal, I wonder how that happened!”
“Are you being sarcastic?! I’m telling!”

That was helpful!
What’s that?
You were more helpful than that?
Oh! That’s right! You did finally get the hang of the whole digging thing, eventually.

Yes, you are doing quite well here.
Though your digging is quite… well… spazzy.
But help is help!
Though I do have to wonder where all that dirt you’re kicking up went…

Ah, yes. Just as I thought. It went all over Lassie.
Needless to say, the poor boy had to relocate.
Maybe it would be best to leave the digging to Ella.

… Even if she does find herself in odd predicaments with that bandana.

Digging is just more Ella’s thing.

Dirty, dirty dog.

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  1. Haha I can’t stand when someone else gets their picture taken! Great digging Ella!
    Dachshund Nola

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