I love feeling the wind through my hair!

What’s better than a wind blown Collie?
If you immediately thought “Cake!” you were wrong.
If you thought “Kitties! Where are the kitties?!” you’re not only wrong, but you’re in the place!
The correct answer is…

Not much.

Just look at that! I wanna run my fingers through it and do ridiculous things like braid it or put ponytails or hair clips in it!*

* All of these things have been done to him before (hey, he was raised by a thirteen year old girl with three younger sisters, this stuff was bound to happen to him! It’s alright though, it made him the very patient boy he is today). Needless to say, the day Petal’s hair was long enough to put girly hair clips and bows in was a very happy day for this boy, indeed. ;]

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5 thoughts on “I love feeling the wind through my hair!

  1. I’ve braided my Sheltie’s hair before, but she’s a girl 😉

  2. my oh my! that windblown look makes lass look like a puppy again in the first photo! it’s like those commercials for age-redefining products, only it’s wind! 😉

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