Pillow Mountain and Dryer Lint

Petal has always loved to lay on top of things.
Things like laundry baskets filled with laundry (preferably clean laundry).

April 2, 2011

Or even a coffee table would do!

July 10, 2011

But with her coffee table gone and the laundry basket is rarely left out anymore, she sticks to laying on top of the couch pillows. Which have always been her favorite (with the coffee table in a very close second) anyway.

July 14, 2011

Just yesterday afternoon, after running many many laps out in the yard, she settled down for a nap in her most impressive place yet.


The pillow mountain.
The pillows had been fluffed and freshened up in the dryer with a fabric softener. This is why they were stacked up on the couch, they were waiting to be arranged nicely again.

But I guess Petal thought they were stacked like this to make a really super awesome bed just for her super awesomeness!


This stack of pillows was piled higher than the couch and Petal very nearly fell over the back of it several times. I kept reaching out to grab her, but she always steadied herself just in the nick of time. One of the pillows did fall off the stack, over the back of the couch and on to the floor, though. Whoops.

And speaking of fluffing pillows in dryers…
Check out what we found in the dryer today!

My oh my! That’s the largest bit of dryer lint I ever saw!

Note: We did not put the cat in the dryer. She put herself there. Seriously.

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