Preparing for Easter

The dogs have been preparing for Easter in the past few days.
They’ve been preparing in a… disturbing way.
Disturbing how?
Well, I’ll let the dogs do the talking.

“Why are we doing this, Ella?”
“Because, Petal! This Sunday the Easter Bunny is coming and this time, we’re gonna be ready.”

“Are you sure we should be harming poor little bunnies, Ella?”
“This bunny we’re practicing on may be harmless, but the Easter Bunny? That’s one mean, evil, conniving little bunny! He terrifies children and forces them to search for his eggs! Bunnies don’t even LAY eggs!”

“But wait, Ella! Before you hurt him, I heard the humans saying something about the Easter Bunny leaving candy! We like candy!”
“He leaves CHOCOLATE, Petal! POISON!”

“Let’s get him.”

“Give me the bunny, Ella! When will you ever learn that it’s all just for fun and games for the humans? The Easter Bunny won’t cause any harm. Stop filling Petal’s head with nonsense!”

Happy Saturday! Have a lovely Easter Sunday, keep those chocolate bunnies out of your pet’s reach!
They’re poison I tell you! Poison!
I, however, will be eating as many as I can get my hands on.


4 thoughts on “Preparing for Easter

  1. Tucker learned his lesson with eating Chocolate chip cookies so eating Chocolate Bunnies would be a bad idea…for the poochies…now for the rest of us…yummy!

    Have a Happy Hoppy Easter!

  2. Still trying to figure out the obsession with fur babies and stuffed…anything…lol! A very Happy Easter to you and your lovely gang:)

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