Two sparkly clean dogs.

Friday afternoon Smelly Ella got a bath and now she’s shiny clean and silky soft.
She saw the shampoo and conditioner and my other grooming supplies and knew just what I was up to.


“Oh no, that bath is for me, isn’t it?”

“Maybe if I sit and look really cute you’ll change your mind!”

Then Saturday afternoon Dirty Petal got a bath. Her coat is so fluffy, soft and vibrant now.

“Why am I in this tub? I thought you LIKED the smell of dirty dog!”

“Yeah, like getting me wet is going to help the smell.”

Ella is by far the easiest dog to bathe (though I’m sure you could’ve guessed that), so she usually gets her bath first. Then Petal’s bath is followed a day or two later and then Lassie’s bath takes place a few days after that. I like to save him for last, because he takes the longest (so so long, haha) and once I’m done with him, I’m done giving dog baths for a few months. So if the girls don’t get their baths first, they won’t get them for a long time.

As far as behavior goes, they’re all extremely easy to bathe.
Especially when I’m armed with treats. ;]
But even without treats they’re all really good and they stand nice and still. Though that fourth Kong did come in handy when it came time to blow dry Petal! My dogs love to play with the blow dryer— which is cute, but not helpful— and a Kong kept her busy and distracted.

And now I’ve got two silky soft and shiny dogs!

“I suppose that bath was worth it. Just look at me!”

“No, look at me! I’m prettier than a super model!”


I just love freshly bathed dogs.
Lassie’s next. ;]

7 thoughts on “Two sparkly clean dogs.

    • Thank you! Hopefully I can get Lassie to lie still long enough to let me brush him out then I can get his bath done and over with, haha.

  1. I just bathed Tucker and he is just too big for the sink. I’m so grateful that he doesn’t shake or squirm while he gets a bath. I think we are going to have to move on to the bathtub and I will need a different shower head so I can hold it instead of bathing with him. Stewie dislikes baths but being so small he is quick and easy to bath. I don’t understand why he doesn’t like it?

    Yes I do love a fresh smelling poochie! I had a chuckle over the doggie conditioner…clever names these days.

    The furry ones do take a long, long time to dry. I usually air dry them as the blow dryer seems to freak them out. Someone told me they put them in a crate to blow dry. Mine are kennel crates and not wire ones though.

    • Oh, that’s so good that he doesn’t shake or squirm while bathing! My dogs like to shake off right in the middle of being rinsed and get me nice and wet, hahaha.

      Isn’t that funny? Haha, and clever too!

      Blow drying in a crate is a great idea, if it’s a wire one and if your dog doesn’t mind blow drying. But if your dog is afraid of the blow dryer, I wouldn’t put them in a crate to blow dry, I think that would only add to the fear if they couldn’t escape from it. What I do is I let them sniff the blow dryer, while it’s off, and praise and treat them for sniffing it. Then after they’re confident being around it while it’s off, turn it on but don’t point it at them, and encourage them to sniff it while it’s on and give them lots of treats and praise. Once they’re confident with that, let it blow air on them for a second or two, treat and praise, and just slowly work your way up. That’s what I did for Petal when she was a puppy and she doesn’t mind the blow dryer at all. She tries to play with it sometimes, but she’s not at all afraid of it.

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