Should’ve posted this a week ago

I had these pictures all ready to go for a blog post days ago (nearly a week ago, heh) and… well, it just never happened.
But before we get to the pictures, let me give you all a little update on our temporary neighbors.
April 1

Our temporary horse neighbors have moved back to their home across the street.
They moved back about a week ago and since they’re no longer living in the yard that backs up to a portion of our yard (we have two separate fenced-in areas to our huge yard, the area pictured above is to the side of the house and is the largest and the most fun. The other area is directly behind the house and is smaller, but it’s the best pen to use when there are too many distracting things going on on our street or when there are horses living right beside the larger pen and your dog (Ella) is afraid of horses), Ella can come out and play in the big pen again, yay! She hadn’t been out there since March!
(Yeah, all those action shots featured here and here were taken in March)

So, a week ago, the dogs celebrated like this…

“C’mon, Ella! Let’s play soccer!”


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