Crushin’ Bottles

Lassie, for as long as I can remember, has absolutely loved the sound of crushing a plastic bottle between his teeth. So when he found this plastic bottle it was just asking to be crushed.


So he crushed it between his teeth and looped around the couch as he crunched on it. I went for the camera and he ditched the bottle on the floor, of course, so I missed getting any pictures of him with the bottle, but I did get a few of Petal with it. She’s fond of crushing them, too, but mostly she likes to chew the tops.

“What? You and Lassie said it yourselves: it was asking to be crushed!”

Ella thinks they’re both insane, of course, chewing up squeakers pulled from innocent stuffed animals is where it’s at!

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14 thoughts on “Crushin’ Bottles

  1. Hah! Sailor used to absolutely love to chew water bottles when he was a puppy. Gramma gave him this one snowman waterbottle, which was basically a fuzzy snowman cover sewn over the waterbottle so you couldn’t see it. Now he’s with Ella and just likes to de-stuff toys and get to that squeaker.

    • Lassie had one of those! His was a pumpkin though and it had velcro on the back so you could replace the water bottle. I have no idea where it ended up, haha. Ella also likes to break the squeakers without de-stuffing the toy. She’s got talent, hahaha.

    • lol! Lassie, Petal and Fred would get along great and Ella and Gloria could sit back and roll their eyes at them. ;]

  2. Haha! My brother loves plastic bottles, but I’m with Ella! They’re just strange
    Dachshund Nola

  3. Water bottles are the best! Betty loves to play with them so much, and they are so much cheaper than her other toys.

  4. That’s a great dog toy and inexpensive to boot! I used to give Linus plastic bottles, but he really loves the plush toys. Now I just have to teach him not to gut them and pull out the squeakers.

    • Ella really loves the plush toys, too. As do Lassie and Petal, but a plastic bottle is fun every now and then. ;] Good luck with teaching him not to gut them! I’m always stepping in to save the new stuffies before they get gutted. I usually let them play with it until I feel it’s in danger, then I trade it for one of their older toys. I like to get my money’s worth out of them before I let them completely destroy them, haha.

  5. Oh my goodness!!! My fur baby did the same thing….she would chew on it until she got the top off! Love that it was a “crush” bottle…lol

    • Petal likes getting the top off as well! I thought it was pretty funny that it was a “Crush” bottle too. ;]

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