Spoiled Collie and a Fur Bunny

This is Petal,
She is spoiled.

This is a Fur Bunny,
It’s made of the undercoat from Lassie’s neck.

This is Lassie,
He’s hairy handsome.

(Thankfully you are not obligated to laugh at my awfur awful jokes)

Petal’s not as spoiled (yes she is, don’t believe that) as she is a spot thief. The moment you get up from your seat and walk a good four steps away, she’ll be in your spot. Then when you come back for your spot she’ll look at you with these innocent eyes as if to say, “What? I was here first.” or, “Surely you wouldn’t make such a sweet little Collie move?”
So you find someplace else to sit.

As for that Fur Bunny, it all came from Lassie’s mane.
While he was on a train.
To Spain.
In the rain.
While he napped on the floor (a few weeks ago), I took the undercoat rake to him and made that lovely little Fur Bunny.
Then I took pictures of it, because, well, c’mon, who wouldn’t take pictures of something like that?
I needed proof of the great amount of hair that came just from his neck!
His neck is so silky smooth now.

5 thoughts on “Spoiled Collie and a Fur Bunny

    • I’m glad we’re not the only household with a spot thief! 😉 It’s crazy how much fur comes off, isn’t it? Yet they still have plenty left! lol

  1. Haaaaaaa…the spot taker over doggie…..lol. Those fur bunnies can get quite large!!! I’m sure Lassie feels pretty good right now! He sure looks very handsome:)

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