Doggy mud mask

When my Mom said, “Looks like Petal found the mud.” this morning during our walk, I looked down and saw this:

And thought, “Ah. Not nearly as bad as yesterday.”


Then I looked up and saw this,


Suddenly I couldn’t breathe.
I was laughing that hard.
Words escaped me.
Oxygen escaped me.
What happened?!

I have no idea what happened.
I was busy with Lassie. There was a little bit of thunder going on (thankfully we were on our way back to the car before that started) and I was feeding him plenty of treats to distract him from the scary sound.
Thunder has very little to no effect on Petal, so she was playing.
Apparently in the mud.
And I can only guess what happened to her. I can only guess how she ended up with a face full of mud.

This is my best guess.
Seems like the most liable reason for a face full of mud.
Unless, of course, she was eating it.
But even then, Petal is a little more tidy than this when she eats.

Now I’m wondering…
How many of you would be willing to smooch this face?


My life would be so dull without you, Petal.

P.S. Those adorable arrow brushes (for Photoshop) came from this great site here.

4 thoughts on “Doggy mud mask

  1. Petal, let me compliment you on your good landing, apparently your face?! That was funny :) I hope you have more muddy moments… nothing beats mud!!!!

  2. I think Petal saw you were about to be attacked by a mud monster, and valiantly fought the beast off without drawing any attention to herself…she saved the day, again! :-)

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