Monday Mischief: Chewed Pencil Edition

This morning, as I walked over to the bookshelf where I had left my glass of water, I looked down and spotted this in Petal’s bed:

… What does this say about me?
Heh. Probably nothing good.
But allow me to defend myself. I was, to be fair, asleep when she did this.
Normally I can hear mischief from miles away, even while I’m sleeping, and I fly out of bed to put an end to it.
Seriously, I should have a cape.
Unfortunately my cold has weakened my supernatural abilities and I had no idea she even had access to this pencil until after she got bored with it.

I wonder what the AKC would say about this…

Look! There’s even Collie hairs sticking out of it! Ha!

Let’s see what Petal has to say about her pencil chewing…
“The cat did it.”
The cat?!
“You lying little fleabag! Well! I’ve never been more insulted in my entire life!”
Nice try, Petal, but the evidence was found in your bed.

I’m still wondering where she found this pencil.
I had a few of them in my purse, from when the local pet store (now closed! :( darn it!) was offering free training classes for the Canine Good Citizen test (which Lassie took and passed);
“I don’t chew on pencils.”

they were giving out these pencils. I guess they felt they had too many pencils, because she gave me a whole handful of them. I don’t know why. She probably looked at me and thought, “She’s probably a student, she could use a few thousand pencils!”
Well I’m not a student and I’ve had these pencils for a year now and haven’t so much as sharpened them.
I only have one, misplaced, pencil sharpener and dozens of markers.
So of course I use the markers.


I wish I could say this was the first time Petal ever chewed on a pencil, but that is not so. She has raided our pencil box once before, so we’re careful to keep the lid on it.
She never swallows them though, thank goodness. Crayons, on the other hand…
Yeah, I’m looking at you! Miss Rainbow Poop!

“Crayons are good.”

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10 thoughts on “Monday Mischief: Chewed Pencil Edition

  1. Haha! Oh, that is so ironic! Nola’s eaten crayons before too. Makes it easy to find the bombs when I scoop the yard 😉
    Nola’s Mom

  2. LOL, your post just made our Mama spit Diet Coke on Lola’s head! :) We love the title of your site too… Stop by ours and enter to win a cool doggy toy!

    Zeus, Lola, Tut & Sophie

  3. I like the little CGC scarf to help declare innocence. Great diagram of the anatomy of a chewed pencil! My boys chew on the odd object every once in a while too. As long as they don’t swallow any parts I’m okay.

  4. Another crayon eating collie. Chuck’s collie Sadie did that too. Haven’t caught mine eating pencils or pens. His story about it made me think of the song Kodachrome and resulted in the following modified lyrics. I can imagine Petal singing along.

    When I think back
    On all the crap I left in our backyard
    It’s a wonder
    I can think at all
    And though my lack of education
    Hasn’t hurt me none
    I can read the writing in the poo


    You give it those nice bright colors
    You give it the greens of summers
    Makes you think all the poo’s a sunny day, oh yeah!
    I ate a box of 64 colors
    I love to take a photograph
    So Chuck, don’t take my Crayons away

  5. Ha! I love the Collie hair. We joke about how Violet’s hair travels everywhere with us. At any given point, no matter where we are or what we’re doing…we could get out of a swimming pool in another state and still locate a Collie hair on us somewhere.

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