Black and White Sunday: Pillow Pile


After several great games, including: hide under the blanket while making dragon sounds, bounce from the trampoline (dog cot) to the couch repeatedly, make owner follow me around the couch in circles, bark at and chew on Lassie— Petal settled down onto the couch and allowed me to pile a blanket and a few pillows on top of her.
Then I got the camera out and of course she posed.

Today we are participating in the Black and White Sunday blog hop hosted by You Did What With Your Weiner, Dachshund Nola and My Life In Blog Years.

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11 thoughts on “Black and White Sunday: Pillow Pile

  1. Petal is gorgeous! So funny that she likes the pillows. My Shelties seem to prefer the wood floor most of the time although they do love their dog beds sometimes.
    Petal is quite photogenic. She looks great in B & W!

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