Calling all (rough) Collie owners and owners with long haired dogs!

So you’re probably wondering why I’ve gathered you all here today.
“Have you discovered a cure for shedding?!”
Heh. No.
I wanted to talk collars.

I have purchased two zillion collars over the years and I found many that I was very happy with.
Dublin Dog collars are fabulous with their easy to clean, water-and-stink-proof, and sturdy design.
Lupine combo collars are wonderfully easy to slip over a fluffy Collie mane and I love the second d-ring.
Rolled leather collars are great and so nice looking and cause minimal matting.
None of these collars are perfect though, not for my Collies and my picky self.
Dublin Dog collars are a pain to buckle around all that fur, same goes for the rolled leather collars.
But Lupine’s combo collar, while it’s the easiest to get on and off, seems to be causing Lassie a lot of matting.

Petal wears an Easy Walk harness with a safety strap attached to her collar to prevent Miss Houdini from slipping her front legs over the chest strap of the harness.

Lassie and Petal do not wear their collars 24/7. They only wear them (and their I.D. tags) when they go  outside for a walk or to relieve themselves. They only wear them in the house when we’re expecting company/having extended company stay at the house. When we’re just lounging around the house though, they lounge in the nude.
Which is why I want something that is easy to slip on and off, but I don’t want any sort of choke collar. Limited slip is perfect though, as both Lassie and Petal have a knack for backing out of regular collars.

“I do no such thing. I’m a perfect angel.”

Looking at all that fur, you can probably see why I really want something that won’t add to my brushing workload. So far, out of all the collars I have used, the rolled leather collar caused the least amount of matting to the coat. I really don’t want to fuss around with a buckle though and some leather collars have bled color into their fur after getting wet and it took many washes to get it out. This was, I’m sure, because they were cheap. Cheap is what I’m looking for though! 😉

I’m out of ideas and I’m hoping I’m not out of options.
Do I need to stop being picky? Or is there a great collar out there that I have yet to find?
Is there such a thing as rolled leather collar with a limited slip chain on it? I tried searching for one the other night and came up with nothing, though I could’ve sworn I had seen something like that once before. Hmm.

This is where you, my fellow Collie owners and fellow long haired dog owners, come in.
What brand and type of collar do you use? How do you like it? Does it mat up their fur? Is it easy to remove and put on? Does it wash well? How often do they wear their collar?

Any and all feedback is much appreciated!
And to our short haired friends: you lucky ducks get to wear whatever cute and fun collars you want and it’ll actually be seen on you! 😉

Thanks for reading guys!

4 thoughts on “Calling all (rough) Collie owners and owners with long haired dogs!

  1. Sounds like you might like a rolled leather martingdale collar… I don’t have one myself as Bailey has done very well in his regular rolled leather collar (from Schaaf Leatherwork) but I well understand the issues of trying to fasten a buckle with all that hair! I don’t think Schaaf has a rolled martingdale on their website, but it couldn’t hurt to ask…they do their own manufacturing so I don’t see why they couldn’t make one. And Bailey’s collar NEVER bled color into his fur. They do good work.

  2. With Golden’s we’ve had the most luck with the rolled leather, although, we like to wash the collars when the boys have a bath and have been buying flat collars for a while now.


  3. Dad uses the cheap collars he gets at petsmart or publix grocery stores. No one can see them and we’ve gotten used to them. We feel naked without them.

    Essex & Sherman

  4. I’ve got a biothane collar on my collar from He’s never been able to back out of it, it doesn’t leak color on his coat, and I haven’t noticed much matting. Also, it’s waterproof and more durable than leather, and comes with a free ID tag that’s attached to the collar itself rather than the D-rings. Hope this helps. :)

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