Happy Birthday, dude!

Today this fluffy little pup,
is eight years old!

10.9.2012 Happy Eighth Birthday, Lassie!

We celebrated out in the yard with a birthday present and some chicken.
I’ll let the pictures do the talking.

(He grabbed the plastic wrap and pulled the toy right out of the box)Photobucket
After I helped him get the plastic bag off it, I filled the little compartments with (more) chicken and he had a blast figuring out how to get it out.

When he finished with that I had my lovely Mom take pictures of him and I together.
I think they turned out really cute.


I had so much fun celebrating Lassie’s eighth birthday.
I can’t believe that little fur ball is eight. He has been such a wonderful and loyal friend to me over the years. He is my listener and my secret keeper. He is my best friend and my shoulder to cry on. He keeps me laughing and smiling. He has taught me so much; more than I ever thought a dog could.

Happy birthday, Lassie.

11 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, dude!

  1. HAPPY BIRFDAY LASSIE! Dang, you is one gawjuss doggie. Oh I is Puddles and I is comin’ by from Mason’s. It is awesome to meet all of ya’ll.


  2. LASSIE! :)
    I love those last pictures of you two (three with Petal!) and man oh man, I can’t believe he’s EIGHT. you’re an old man, lass 😉 tell him I apologize for not wishing him a happy birthday yesterday and to make up for it, I’ll come down there sometime in the near future and let him poke my face when I wake up in the morning every morning. I never really minded waking up to his handsome face anyway 😉

  3. Happy belated barkday. It sure looks like you had a great one. Hope you and your pack have a pawsome year. Both Lassie and Essex were born in October.

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