Petal’s Halloween skirt

Remember the Halloween photo shoot I did with the Collies?
I have a few extra pictures of Petal to share, this time wearing her orange and leopard print skirt.
She likes this costume much better. 😉

“I’m beautiful, I know.”

Working the runway.


I can’t even begin to tell you how many times this girl has knocked me on my butt after running to me and the camera a little too enthusiastically.

For anyone who might be wondering, I got her skirt at Walmart two years ago for a few dollars, I don’t remember exactly how much it was, but I do remember that I paid no more than $5 for it. It’s actually a child’s skirt, but the waist is elastic and it fits her well. 😉 It also didn’t cost me as much as skirt made for a dog her size might have.
Have you noticed that? That something made for a large dog sometimes costs more than that same thing made for a child?
For example, if I go to the pet section at Walmart the dog bandanas are anywhere from $5-$15.
If I go to the kids section at Walmart I can find bandanas for 50 cents or a $1. Fold them right and they fit my Collies just as well (actually, better) than the pet bandanas do.
I was a very happy girl the day I discovered that. 😉

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5 thoughts on “Petal’s Halloween skirt

  1. We raid the kid aisle quite frequently. I call our pups my kids – it’s only fitting, isn’t it?


  2. Petal looks great working that runway! It’s amazing how much more they charge for things because they know people will buy them for their dogs. That’s pretty smart getting the stuff from the kids section. :)

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