Collie antics + Too much fun with editing

Prepare yourselves for a dozen photos.
Okay fine, a little more than a dozen.
There’s 15 photos in this post.


I love watching these two play.
Though sometimes I have to step in because Petal gets a little too crazy for Lassie’s liking.

I used both Photoshop Elements and Photobucket to edit these pictures obnoxiously wonderfully.
Incase you were wondering. 😉

I hope everyone is enjoying their Friday!
Do you have anything fun planned with your pups this weekend?
We currently have no plans. Unless you count my small to-do list that I really should be working on tackling right now, but I’m blogging instead, because it’s more fun.

Are you in for a weekend full of fun?
Or a weekend full of chores?
Or maybe a lazy weekend!
Whatever you’re doing this weekend, do it well and enjoy. 😉

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