It’s Friday!

Enjoy an Instagram of Lassie!


And have a lovely weekend.
We are having a stormy and cold weekend.
I hope we get some snow.
Do you have snow yet?

7 thoughts on “It’s Friday!

  1. I have been snuggling up through our cold and drizzly weather. I have never seen snow though, so can’t wait to see some pics from you.


  2. i’ve never seen snow but we had rain yesterday and i didn’t like it. it made me very cold. maybe i’d like it better if i had a beautiful coat like yours.
    wags, bailey

  3. Snow, in Key West? Boy that would be something. We will have to wait for Dad to journey north to Ohio to see snow.

    We are glad that you are doing better. Take your time and heal. Collie’s orders.

    Essex & Sherman

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