Monday Mischief: Stuck

Today, just like any other day, Petal was barking out the window at the neighbor dogs across the street. She was getting excited, as she usually does, and she had her front paws on the windowsill.
She got more and more excited until she hopped up into the windowsill entirely. She does this on occasion and usually it’s no big deal.

However, with it being Christmas time, we have a Christmas tree right in front of the window.
Which means Petal couldn’t find an easy way to get back down from the windowsill.

“Help! I’m stuck!”
“I know you think this is funny, but could you please stop laughing and help me get out of here?”

Oh, this crazy dog.

This is not the first time Petal has gotten herself stuck in such an odd place.
About a week and a half after my surgery, on the same day we got our first snow, Petal got herself stuck under the couch. Now our couches don’t stand very far off the ground. Just far enough for Petal to fit while lying on her side. So it took an incredible amount of talent from her to get herself stuck under there.
To this day I still have no idea how she managed this.
I was resting on the couch when I heard the sound of dog claws scrapping across our laminate floors. Nothing unusual, really, but I looked around anyway. Lassie was asleep on the floor and Petal was… where was she?
I looked behind the couch, where she likes to sleep, but she wasn’t there. I called for her and heard more scratching on the floor. I thought it was crazy, and very unlikely, but I looked under the couch anyway and saw this little face:

“Oh, hey, could I get a little help here, please?”

She wasn’t scared or hurt, just… well, stuck. All she could do was kick her legs and look pathetic.
My Dad and brother came to the rescue and lifted the couch up just high enough for me to grab Petal’s harness (lucky she was wearing that) and drag her out from underneath the couch. She got up, shook herself off, and then went about as if nothing had ever happened.

Her mischief never fails to make me giggle.
Though I will admit that her mischief, at times, causes me great stress.
Just be careful, my crazy dog.

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7 thoughts on “Monday Mischief: Stuck

  1. Oh, that is SO funny!! Poor Petal, not thinkin’ before she leaps. Oh well, some of the most creative and bravest people do the same thing!


  2. Oh Petal, it’s a good thing you’re pretty.

    FTR, Bella has gotten stuck under the bed the same way – she only fits while lying on her side and gets stuck when she tries to get up to get out.

    Maybe it’s a thing with pretty dogs? 😉

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