We call her Ginger. Ginger Head.



I’m hi-lar-ious Petal.

And you’re a good girl to put up with me.
The one who feeds you.
Just thought I ought to remind you of that.

Petal wants to know, do you ever put toys/other things on your dog’s head?
Petal would also like to add that she is going to runaway and live with the first human that says, “No, I never put things on a dog’s head.”

9 thoughts on “We call her Ginger. Ginger Head.

  1. “No, I never put things on my dog’s head.” Will you run away with us now, Petal? Yeah, I didn’t think so – you’re momma loves you too much and you, despite all her human weirdness, love her too, don’t ya?


    Petal, you are a patient, pretty dog. :)

  2. Pedal, your more the welcome to come live with us, only thing we get is either Mom or Dads hands when they pet us or rub our ears. But your ginger bread man with the ribbon looks good on you, kinda like a hat with a bow.

    Your Pals
    Susie & Bites

  3. oh petal, i hear ya! my dad is notorious for putting all kinds of stuff on our heads. you won’t be safe here.
    wags, bailey

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