We’re going shopping!

Two lucky Collies get to go to Home Depot with me today to price and pick up some supplies for… something. 
I’ll let you figure that out.
I’ll let you look at my list and you can guess what we’re up to.
What’s in it for you?
Nothing, honestly. I’m terribly sorry.
Unless you guess correctly, then you’ll have the satisfaction of being right.
That’s always nice, isn’t it? 😉
I suppose I could have posted my handwritten list, but I didn’t even think of that until now. Besides, my fonts are nicer than my handwriting. 😉

Any guesses?

A classic from 2011

Guess away!

10 thoughts on “We’re going shopping!

  1. Oh, everybody already guessed my answer! Yeah, I too, am guessin’ agility weave polls. That, or a really cool tent!

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