Fresh Snow!

It snowed here off and on (mostly on) from Sunday night to Monday evening.
Which has been absolutely wonderful because the rain we had over the weekend washed all our snow away and made everything dreadfully muddy. Not fun.
But now we have a fresh blanket of beautiful, clean snow!

winterwonderlassie photo winterwonderlassie_zps15fd0d90.jpgwinterwonderpetal photo winterwonderpetal_zps2c02e861.jpg

We had lots of fun in it, too.

I got a video of these two romping in the snow yesterday, making the first tracks in the fresh snow.
I will warn you that the video is all over the place. It was snowing (you probably won’t be able to tell from the video, but it was lightly snowing the whole time we were out there) and even though there was this cloudy haze, it was bright and I couldn’t really tell what I was recording, haha.
Thank goodness YouTube can stabilize shaky videos, or else you’d probably feel like you’re spinning in circles on a boat in a storm.

Anyway. YouTube greatly improved it, but it’s still all over the place, I’m sorry about that.
But you do get to see how crazy Petal is in the snow! :)

That barking that sounds like it’s coming from a distance is from our neighbor’s Border Collie cross from across the street.

And, of course, just minutes after I turned off the camera and stuck it back in my pocket, Lassie goes sniffing around under a tall bush and Petal whips by and knocks a ton of snow all over him. By the time I got the camera back out and ready to go, Lassie had shaken it all off.
It was so funny though. Lassie looked like he was made out of snow.

How has your weather been? Have you been enjoying snow? Rain? Sunshine?Β 

10 thoughts on “Fresh Snow!

  1. Looks like your dogs enjoy the snow as much as mine, although they could probably run circles around my slow Newfie boys. We just got a fresh dusting other day, and my dogs could not have been happier. I’m not sure which they enjoy more, lying in the snow or eating it.

    • Hahaha! Lassie loves to lay in the snow and roll in it too, and they both love to eat it. πŸ˜‰
      Glad you guys got some snow to enjoy too!

  2. LOL – I love Petal’s energy. She’s trying really hard to get Lassie as enthused as she is. :) Very cute.

    And don’t ya just hate it when they do something outrageously cute the second you turn the camera off? πŸ˜‰

    • Oh I know, hahah, she tries so hard to get him to be crazy with her. He’s far too posh for that though. πŸ˜‰

      I really do! Haha. It’s the worst.

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